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Main Bearing Stud Kits

Main Bearing Studs

RACEWARE™ Main Bearing Stud Kits Increase Performance and Reliability

RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality engine fasteners keep your crankshaft bearing caps or case halves from shuffling around and causing excess bearing wear and crankshaft flex. High performance, high-RPM engine operation places heavy loads on the crankshaft bearings and Main caps. Turbos, nitrous and superchargers dramatically increase the bearing loads. RACEWARE Main Bearing Studs have a Guaranteed Minimum 205,000 PSI tensile strength to handle extreme bearing loads that your engine may experience under high boost applications. For the VW Type-4 / Porsche 914 engines we also offer a Case thru-Stud Kit to prevent case shuffle, which can reduce bearing wear and oil temps.

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VW Type-4 and Porsche 914 Engine Case Thru-Stud Kit

VW Type-4 and Porsche 914 Engine Case Thru-Stud Kit


Application Part Number
VW Type-4 and Porsche 914-4 Case thru-Stud Kit RWE-7001

VW Type-4 and Porsche 914-4 engines are often modified for greater power and increased displacement because the engine is fairly robust from the factory. These engines can be built up to good power levels and excellent reliability with the addition of a RACEWARE™ Aerospace Quality Case Thru Stud Kit and Cylinder Head Stud Kit.

The 205,000 PSI Tensile strength RACEWARE Case thru Stud Kit (pictured) replaces the OE case thru-bolts that are prone to stretching and allowing the case halves to “shuffle” around causing increased main bearing wear, power loss and lower engine oil pressure.

The RACEWARE Thru-Stud Kit does not require any machine work like other case thru stud kits and does not remove important case material that can weaken the case and cause cracks. Each RACEWARE Thru-Stud Kit comes complete with the RACEWARE Aerospace Quality Thru-Studs, CNC Machined, Hardened, Billet Washers, 12-Point Aircraft Nuts and detailed installation instructions.

To insure complete reliability of your VW T-4 or Porsche 914-4 engine see the RACEWARE Head Stud Kits available in standard and 1/2”-long stud lengths. We also offer custom-assembled T-4/914-4 Head Stud Length Kits if you have a unique engine combination. Give us a call to find out more!

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